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My Decks

Here are some deck themes. All of these were either invented by me, my best friend, or copied off of a magazine or website.


  1. Burn
    This is a fairly common deck. It is usually all red, and is filled with red direct damage, such as Shocks, Incinerates, and Rolling Thunders. There are probably no creatures. The only other spells you might put in are mana producers, such as Mana Flare or Mana Vault, to get the most for your Fireball or Distinergrate.
    See a Sample Burn Deck

  2. Blaster
    This is a deck I invented. It is a mono-red deck that uses creatures that have abilities to kill other creatures. Some good examples are Orcish Artillary and Brothers of Fire. There are many others, which you should be able to find. You can also add Blood Lusts to bring any creature within reach of your guys abilities. The rest of the deck can be direct damage or aritfact destruction or anything you want.
    See a Sample Blaster Deck

  3. Drain Life
    This is a deck my friend invented. It uses a lot of spells that are similar to Drain Life (including Drain Life) to gain life and damage your opponent all at once. Some cards to use are Subversion, Brush with Death, and Corrupt. There are others which aren't to hard to find. The rest of the deck should be defensive creatures, like Drudge Skeletons, Wall of Bones, and Kjeldoran Dead.
    See a Sample Drain Life Deck

  4. Discard Forcing
    Another popular deck, this one relies on forcing your opponent to discard. The best discard forcing spells are Hymn to Tourach, Duress, and Hypnotic Specter. You can use any others you want, too. Add a fast weenie swarm of knights and other discard forcing creatures and some creature destruction to complete your deck.
    See a Sample Discard Forcing Deck

  5. Creature Destruction
    This deck is all black. All of the spells are creature destruction spells like Terror, Dark Banishing, and Diabolic Edict. Creatures that can kill creatures, like Royal Assasian and Nekrataal are good, too. This deck is very annoying against a creature based deck, but will lose every time against a burn or other creatureless deck.
    See a Sample Craeture Destruction Deck

  6. Card Drawing
    This is an all blue deck I invented. It uses a lot of card drawing spells like Inspiration and Treasure Trove to get a card advantage. For creatures, put in some defensive creatures like Horned Turtles and Giant Tortises. To win put in 4 to 6 big flyers. Add some countermagic to finish it off.
    See a Sample Card Drawing Deck

  7. Bounce
    This is another all blue deck that relies on returning your opponents permanents back to his hand. Some good spells are Boomerang, Rescind, and Capsize. Some creatures that fit the theme are Man-o-War and Tradewind Rider. You can put in some more creatures (Keeper of the Mind works well) and some counterspells to round it out.
    See a Sample Bounce Deck

  8. Permission
    This popular deck makes your opponent ask for permission to play his spells. You put in a lot of counterspells like Counterspell and Forbid. You should have some where inbetween 13 and 20. You should have 2 to 4 finishers in the form of big flyers, like Air Elemental. The rest of the deck can be card drawers, like Whispers of the Muse, and cards to destroy things your opponrnt gets into play, like Nevineral's Disk. You might also put in seem defensive creatures to block.
    See a Sample Permission Deck

  9. Weenie
    This is probably the most popular deck ever. It is very easy to make and can be a very good deck. All you need is about 20 to 30 creatures that cost two or less (maybe a few that cost three) and some support spells. You can make it out of any color!
    See a Sample Weenie Deck

  10. Land Sacrifice
    This deck uses fast creatures that put land into your graveyard, like Rogue Elephant and Plant Elemental, and creatures like Harvest Wurm and Cartographer to get the land back! The rest of the deck can be built like a fast weenie deck. First turn 3/3's are good!
    See a Sample Land Sacrifice Deck

  11. "Creature Sweeper"
    This deck is based around the combo of Thicket Basilisk, Lure, and Regeneration. It was called Creature Sweeper by BethMo in one of her books. But this is not the only combo. Elvish Bard, Venom, Regeneration; or Skyshroud Troll, Venom, Lure, both work the same way! Try out different things for the rest of the deck.
    See a Sample Creature Sweeper Deck

  12. Big Creature
    A big creature deck tries to get out a big creature fast, then finish off the game with it. The deck will have to be green because it has the best big creatures and fast mana. Priest of Titinia is very good along with alot of elves. You can use your favorite big creatures. You can also add red or white for support spells.
    See a Sample Big Creature Deck

  13. Land Destruction
    This deck uses land destruction spells to prevent your opponent from playing many spells. The deck is usually red and black. Some good spells are Stone Rain, Rain of Tears, and Choking Sands. Strip Mines and Wastelands work well, also. For creatures, Avalanche Riders is a good choice. There are other creatures with land destruction effects, or you can just use other good creatures.
    See a Sample Land Destruction Deck

  14. Counter-Burn
    This deck is a combination of two earlier mentioned decks. A permision deck and burn deck in one. Just make half burn spells and half counterspells. With only half as much burn you may want to add some creatures.
    See a Sample Counter Burn Deck

  15. Reanimation
    This deck discards large creatures into the graveyards, then reanimates them using spells like Animate Dead and Diabolic Servitude. To discard the big creatures use spells like Frantic Search and Merfolk Looter. Use any big creatures you want, any color! Just make sure they don't have nasty upkeep costs.
    See a Sample Reanimation Deck

  16. Pestilence
    This deck uses pestilence to control the board. Use a lot of white creatures with protection from black, and your creatures wont die to your pestilence. To prevent the damage to yourself use a COP: Black, Urza's Armor, Pariah, or Worship. You can also use Crypt Rats!
    See a Sample Pestilence Deck

  17. Deep Freeze
    This blue/white deck uses enchant craetures and other spells to lock down your opponents creatures. Some cards for this theme include Pacificism, Volrath's Curse, and Thirst. You can also have some counterspells, and some creatures. Heavy Ballista, Aysen Bureaucrats, and Somnophore all work well in this deck.

  18. Prodigal Sorcerer
    This deck is based around the card Prodigal Sorcerer. First, get about 16 "Prodigal Sorcerers" including Rootwater Hunter, Zuran Spellcaster, Suq'Ata Firewalker, Thornwind Faeries, and Revka, Wizard Savant. Then take some green cards that can untap your creatures, so you can use your guys a few times each turn. Some good ones include Instill Energy, Vitalize, Seeker of Skybreak, and Quirion Ranger. Fungusaur works well in there, too. One tip: Wait to the end of your opponents turn to use the "Tims". This way you can kill creatures they might not have had before.

  19. Token
    This deck creates a lot of token creatures, then sacrifices them to control the board and get card advantage. Breeding Pit, Caribou Range, Goblin Offensive, and the Hive are good at producing tokens. Goblin Bombardment and Skull Catapult both let you sacrifice your tokens to deal damage. Reprocess can give you a lot of cards, and Congregate can give you a lot of life. Scare Tactics and Warriors Honor can allow your guys to attack for maximum damage.

  20. Pumpable
    As the name suggests this deck uses a lot of pumpable creatures; like Furnace Spirit, Pygmy Pyrosaur, and Sandstone Warrior. Then it uses Dwarven Nomad and Dwarven Warriors to make them unblockable. Pump all your mana in to them for a lot of damage. Dwarven Vigilantes works well with this deck. Add some red direct damage in, too.

  21. Life Gaining
    This deck is based around gaining a lot of life, so you can hold your opponent off. This deck will be white and might have some green in it. Some good life gaining spells are Scent of Jasmine, Mangara's Blessing, and Gerrard's Wisdom. Soul Warden and Jasmine Seer are some good creatures to include in the deck. Add some other creatures and 6 - 8 big creatures for offense. This deck will lose against a very fast deck if it can't gain enough life early on.

  22. Prevent Damage
    This deck was invented by my friend. It tries to prevent all damage to yourself and your creatures. Some good creatures to use are Samite Healer, Sanctum Custodian, and Orim, Samite Healer. Squee's Toy works well, too. Add in some support spells and 6 - 8 big creatures for offense. This deck is slow and will probably lose to a fast deck.

  23. En-kor
    This deck is based around the En-kor creatures from Stronghold. Use as many en-kors as you can. Wall of Souls and Wall of Essence are good to because you can redirect damage to them to gain life or deal damage. Hero's Resolve and Parapet give your creatures a toughness boost so you can redirect more damage to the creatures with good abilities. Regeneration creatures are good and mass damage spells like Pestilence work well, too.

  24. Circle of Protection (C.O.P.)
    This deck uses Circles of Protection to protect yourself from all damage. Use about three C.O.P.'s of each color. Also include one or two C.O.P Artifacts. You'll aslo want a lot of cards to help you find the right C.O.P. Impulse and Merfolk Looter work well. Millstones and Grindstones can be your path to victory. Note: You can replace any C.O.P.'s with Runes of Protection of the same type.

  25. Enchantment
    This deck uses enchantments to turn its quick creatures into big creatures. To get the most benefit from your enchantments use Ancestral Mask and Yavimaya Enchantress. You can use any other green creatures, and some good enchantments are Rancor and Armor of Thorns. If you have any Argothian Enchantresses or Verduran Enchantresses you can put them in, too.

  26. Abilities
    This isn't a theme, it is an idea for a deck. You can take a standard creature abilitie and make it into a deck. Shadow, Flying, First Strike, Haste, Regeneration or Flanking. Pick one and all your creatures will share something! Dauthi Warlord can lead your Shadow guys, and Telim'Tor can lead your Flankers.

  27. Creature Types
    Another broad catergory. All creatures can be the same summon type, or just be similar. Goblin King and Lord of Atlantis can help in a goblin or merfolk deck. Other cards, like Goblin Warrens, work best in decks like this. Pestilence Rats and Zombie Master can also lead your rats or zombies. Use your imagination!

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